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Simulation Run Panel   

This panel is used to control a model's run. Most of the functions are available through the Execute Menu in the main menu. The Simulation Run panel is found at the top of the main window in FlexSim, and we describe it here in three sections:


: resets the model. The OnReset function is called for each object in the model. This should always be selected before running a model.

: starts the model running. The model clock will continuously advance until the model is stopped or the event list is empty.

: stops the model while it is running. It also updates the states of all objects in the model. The model is not reset. It can be started again from the exact point in time that it was stopped.

: sets the model clock to the time of the next event that needs to occur. That event then happens. This enables users to step through the execution of a model one event at a time. When many events are scheduled to occur at the same time, there may be no visible changes in the model when this option is selected.

Run Time: Displays the model's current run time.

Time/Stop Time

No Stop Time: select this to have the model run indefinitely. The model can still be stopped if the "Stop" button is clicked or the event list is empty.

Specify Stop Time: select this to specify the number of time units the model will run for before stopping. The model may also be stopped at a given time using a picklist option on any relevant object in the model. In the "OnEntry" or "OnExit" trigger, the "Stop the Model Run" option can be used to dynamically stop the model run.

By Date and Time: If this option is selected, the Run Time field will display the model's current date and time. The model start date and time is defined in your Model Settings. specifies a model run duration based on a specific date and time. If the "Stop" box is not checked, the model will run indefinitely from the start time; if a stop time has been chosen, the model duration becomes the difference between the two times. The "By Date and Time" feature will work with Time Tables who are using the Graphical Time Table.


Speed slider: this slider defines the number of model time units that FlexSim will try to calculate per second of real time. The actual result may fall short of this value if the model requires too much processing at each event. This value can also be changed by clicking the black arrow to the right and entering a number manually.

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