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Fortunately, many of the new conveyor objects can be added to the model the same way you would add any other object from the FlexSim Library: you simply click on the object in the Library and drag it into your simulation.

However, the Straight Conveyor, the Curved Conveyor, and the Join Conveyors each behave a little differently when added to a model. For instance, most of the other objects in the FlexSim Library have a default length, height, and width when you first add them to a simulation model. The Straight and Curved Conveyor objects will have a default size if you click and drag them into the model. However, you also have the option to define the length and/or radius of the conveyors when you first insert them in your model, which will be discussed in the following sections.

The Join Conveyors Object
The unique properties of the Join Conveyors object will be discussed in more detail in the section about Connecting Conveyors.

Adding Conveyor Objects with Default Dimensions

If you want to add a Straight or Curved Conveyor that has the default size, height, and width, you can use the same method for adding an object that you would normally use to add any other FlexSim object from the Library: simply click on the object and drop it into the model.

Adding Conveyor Objects with Custom Dimensions

The process for adding a conveyor object that has a custom length and/or radius is slightly different, but still relatively simple. When you create a custom conveyor, you could think of it as "building" these objects when you first place them in your model. For that reason, this guide generally will refer to the process of adding either a Straight or Curved Conveyor as entering conveyor building mode.

To add a custom Straight or Curved Conveyor to a simulation model:

  1. In the Library under the Conveyors group, click either the Straight Conveyor or the Curved Conveyor object. You will then enter into conveyor building mode. When you are in conveyor building mode, your mouse pointer will change to a plus sign with either a Straight Conveyor icon or a Curved Conveyor icon next to it, as shown in the following image:

  1. Once in building mode, find the position in your simulation model where you want to place the tail of the conveyor. When you click on that position in the model and start moving the mouse pointer in a different direction, you'll notice that it begins creating a conveyor object.
  2. Reposition the mouse pointer until the conveyor head is at the approximate length, angle, and radius you want it to be relative to the tail. Click the mouse again to finish building the conveyor.

Exiting Building Mode
After you've created your first conveyor, you might notice that you are still in building mode. You can continue to create more conveyors while you are in building mode or you can exit building mode by pressing the Esc key or right-clicking your mouse. You'll know you have exited building mode because your mouse pointer will look like a normal cursor again.

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