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Photo Eye Type Settings   

Photo Eye Types are global settings that you can import to any Photo Eye. This section will explain the settings that you can customize when you create or edit Photo Eye Types using the Conveyor System tool. This can be one of a global list of Photo Eye Types, or it can be a custom Photo Eye Type associated only with one specific Photo Eye. The default Photo Eye Type is labeled Custom and is only assigned to one specific Photo Eye.

Before reading this section, you should be familiar with the purpose and basic functionality of the Conveyor System tool. See the following sections for more information:

Pick List Behaviors
For more information on how to use some of the Pick List Behaviors for Decision Points and Photo Eyes, see Decision Point and Photo Eye Behaviors.

A Photo Eye can be in one of four states while it is interacting with items on a conveyor: Blocked, Cleared, Blocking and Clearing. Triggers fire when the Photo Eye goes into the Blocked and Cleared states. The following image illustrates the various Photo Eye states and triggers while interacting with items on a conveyor:

You can assign a Photo Eye custom behaviors or actions that it can perform while it is in either a Blocked or Cleared state. You can also determine how long a Photo Eye should be in a Blocked or Cleared state.

The following image shows the various settings available in the Photo Eye Type Properties dialog box:

There are six available settings and triggers for Photo Eye Types:

  • Block Time - The amount of time an item must block a Photo Eye before it will change from a Cleared state to a Blocked state.
  • On Block - The trigger logic that fires when the Photo Eye enters the Blocked state.
  • Clear Time - The amount of time a Photo Eye must be clear from items before changing from a Blocked state to a Cleared state.
  • On Clear - The trigger logic that fires when the Photo Eye enters the Cleared state (after having been Blocked).
  • Offset Angle - The offset angle by which the Photo Eye beam crosses the conveyor plane. If 0, the beam crosses straight across the conveyor.
  • Require Gap to Clear - If checked (default), there must be a gap between items in order to clear the Photo Eye. You might uncheck this box if you want the On Clear Trigger to fire on every item, no matter the spacing between items.
  • Colors - Defines the colors by which the Photo Eye will be drawn for each of the states mentioned above.
  • On Reset - A trigger that fires when the simulation model is reset. You can use this to reset labels or other data when the model is reset.
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