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Dashboard Example   

Adding Graphs

  1. Add a Dashboard to the model by selecting Add > Statistics > Dashboard from the Toolbox.

  • If you already have a Dashboard displayed, make sure the Dashboard tab is selected

  • If it is not already expanded by default, expand the needed Graph Type from the Library. You can also collapse any Graph Types that are not needed.

  • Choose a Statistic
    Either click and drag one of the options from the menu to the Dashboard or select one of the options and click anywhere in the Dashboard to display the graph.

  • Model Edit Modes: If you clicked once on a graph in the Library Icon Grid, you will enter a Model Edit Mode. This allows you to create multiple graphs by clicking in the Dashboard view. To get out of Model Edit Mode, right click the view or press the Escape key.

  • Add Objects
    The graph properties menu should automatically appear. Click on the and select which objects to include with this graph. You may select multiple objects through this window if desired. Alternatively, click on the to enter "Sample" mode, then click on an object in the 3D view to add it to your graph.
    Click on the Select button, then the OK button.
    You can double click on the graphs to reopen their properties or right-click the view and select Properties.

  • Reset and Run the Model
    The new graph will be blank until the model runs.

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