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Tracked Variables   

Tracked Variables are accessed from the Toolbox. (View menu > Toolbox > Tracked Variables).

Tracked Variables are stored in the model/Tools/trackedvariables folder. Work In Progress and Time In System are the two default Tracked Variables. When a Flowitem is created, an associated value is added to both of these default variables. These values remain in the model until the model is reset. Custom Tracked Variables may also be added to your model through this window.

  • Work In Progress - This is a count of all flowitems in the model at any given time. It is incremented when a flowitem is created and decremented when a flowitem is destroyed.
  • Time In System - This records the time at which an object leaves the model and the total time it spent in the model.

Tracked Variable Drop Down - Shows the current Tracked Variables. Enter text to rename the Tracked Variable.

- Adds a new Tracked Variable.

- Removes the selected Tracked Variable.

- Reorder's the selected Tracked Variable Up or Down in the list.

- Pins the tracked variable to a dashboard as either a histogram or line graph.

Type - The type affects what metadata will be collected and how it will be calculated. Type can be one of the following values:

  • Level. Records the variable as a level that can go up and down, such as content. The average is a time-weighted average.
  • Cumulative. Records the variable as a value that only accumulates over time, such as input or output. Average is not tracked.
  • Time Series. Records the variable as a series of independent values. The average is a non-time-weighted average. An example of this type is staytime tracking.
  • Categorical. Records the variable as a set of values, where values do not have a mathematical relationship to each other. Average is not tracked. An example of this is state tracking.


Tracked Variables can be displayed in the dashboard in multiple graphs:

Dynamic Variables

Tracked Variables can be created or customized at any time, using the settrackedvariable and gettrackedvariable commands. For More information on these commands, see the commands summary page.

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