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Output Console - This option opens a pane where output information is shown. You can print your own information to the output console using the commands: pt(), pr(), pd(), pf(), etc. For more information on these commands, refer to the command summary.

System Console - This option opens a pane where information about the status of the program engine is printed. Unhandled exceptions and other errors will be printed to this console.

Compiler Console - This option opens a pane where information is printed while the model is compiled. This shows the status of each step of the compilation process. This console also shows any FlexScript errors when you Build FlexScript.

Script Console - This option opens the scripting console. This pane is an interactive window to execute FlexScript commands manually. See Scripting Console for more information.

Breakpoints - This option opens the Breakpoints pane. See Breakpoints for more information.

FlexScript Code Profile - This option opens the FlexScript Code Profile pane, which lists all the FlexScript functions defined in the model, ordered by how much time the model spent executing them. This is an excellent way to find out how the computer is spending its time and might lead to ideas on how to make the model faster. See Code Profiler for more information.

Event List - This option opens the Event List window, a sorted list of all pending events. See Event Lists for more information.

Event Log - This option opens the Event Log window, a sorted list of all events that have taken place. See Event Log for more information.

Local Variables - This option opens the Local Variables pane, which shows you the current values of any locally defined variables. See Local Variables for more information.

Watch Variables - This option opens the Watch Variables pane, which allows you to specify other variables or expressions that you want to see, such as global variables. See Watch Variables for more information.

Call Stack - This option opens the Call Stack pane, which shows the current call stack, a function call history. See Call Stack for more information.

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