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Build FlexScript - Builds all FlexScript code.

Compile Model - Compiles all C++ code in the model. This feature can also be accessed any time by pressing F7.

Compile Entire Session - Compiles all C++ code in the main tree. You usually will not need to do this unless you are developing your own application with FlexSim.

Open Visual Studio... - Opens Microsoft Visual Studio.

Make all Code C++/FlexScript - There are two options to make all code either C++ or FlexScript. We provide these options so that modelers can have both the ease of use of FlexScript (code works immediately when editing in FlexScript, without having to compile) as well as the run-speed of C++ (since it is compiled, it runs much faster than FlexScript). While in the model building phase you can use FlexScript, so that your code is interpreted immediately after you write it. Then, once your model is ready to run, you can choose the Build > Make All Code C++ option, compile, and run to get the speed of C++.

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