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Floor Storage - If this box is checked, then instead of having a vertical storage rack, the rack will simulate storage space on the floor. Looking down from above the rack, bays are vertical columns, and levels are horizontal rows on the rack.

Mark Shelves that have called a transporter - This check will highlight the shelve in a red color when it has called the transporter for pickup.

Shelf Tilt Amount - This number defines the amount of tilt of items placed in a given cell of the rack, as some racks have products slide down from the back of the rack to the front.

Picking/Placing Y Offset - This value is used to configure how close transport objects come to the rack when they drop off or pick up flowitems from the rack. This is especially useful if operators are used to drop off and pick up from the rack, because often they will walk into the middle of the rack to get a flowitem. Specify a value of 1, for example, and the operators will keep better distance from the rack when dropping off and picking up flowitems.

Maximum Content - This number defines how many flowitems the rack will be allowed to hold at a given time.

Opacity - This value allows the drawing of the rack to be translucent, so that if there are several racks in the same area, many of them can be seen because of the translucency of the racks in front. A value of 0 means totally transparent, and a value of 1 means totally opaque.

Place in bay - This picklist is called when a flowitem is entering the rack. It returns which bay the flowitem will be placed in. See Place in Bay picklist.

Place in level - This picklist is called when a flowitem is entering the rack. It returns which level the flowitem will be placed in. See Place in Level picklist.

Minimum Dwell Time - This picklist returns a value of how long a flowitem must stay in the rack before it is released to continue downstream. You can also return a value of -1 from this function so the rack will not release the item at all, and then implement your own releasing strategy using the releaseitem() command. See Minimum Staytime picklist.

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