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Adjust speeds as Content Increase - If this option is checked, then the table will be used to adjust speeds of travelers within the TrafficControl's area.

Add Row - Click this button to duplicate the selected row. If no row is selected, it will add a row to the end of the table

Delete Row - Click this button to delete the selected row from the table. If no row is selected, it will delete the last row of the table.

Manipulating speeds with Traffic Controls

You can also use Traffic Controls to modify speeds of travelers as an area becomes more crowded. As the traffic control's content increases, entering travelers will modify their speeds based on the Traffic Control's speed table. For example, if you have entered a row in the table that is a 0.6 speed multiple for a content of 3, then as soon as the content of the traffic control's area becomes 3 or greater, all travelers' max speeds will be decreased to 60% of their normal max speed. Note that the speed change does not take effect until the traveler reaches its next node in the network. If you have an area with multiple traffic controls, then the minimum speed multiple of all of the traffic controls will be applied.

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