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Exponential Distributions   

The Exponential distribution will randomly select most numbers near the beginning of a range of numbers. The frequency that numbers near the end of the scale will be generated decreases exponentially. This is the default distribution strategy because it is the distribution strategy most commonly found in the real world. The following image shows an example of the Exponential distribution strategy:

The Exponential distribution has three settings:

  • Location - Sets the beginning of the range of numbers. Most of the random numbers generated will be roughly close to the number you use for this parameter.
  • Scale - Sets the mean of the distribution and affects the overall pitch of the curve.
  • Stream - Determines which one of FlexSim's random number streams should be used to generate these random numbers. Typically you won't need to edit this parameter.

When you make changes to the settings, the blue bar graph will update to display the probabilities that certain numbers will be generated. Usually, the bar graph doesn't change much for the Exponential distribution, but the range of the numbers listed on the bottom of the graph will change.

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