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FlexSim's toolbox window is the central location where you manage your model's tools, such as Global Tables, Time Tables, Dashboards, etc. You access the toolbox by choosing View > toolbox from the main menu, or by choosing the Tools Button button from the main toolbar.


In the toolbox you can:

  • Click on the Add button button at the top of the window to add a tool to the model.
  • Double-click on an item to go to its properties.
  • Right-click on an item or folder to re-order it in the list, add a new folder, or add a new tool.
    Context Menu
  • Drag items up and down to reorder them, or drag them into folders to organize them hierarchically.
  • Select an item and hit Delete to delete it from the model.
  • Click in the filter edit box at the top of the window and type in the name of a tool you are looking for to filter by that name.
  • Slow-lick twice on the name of an item to rename.

Although add-on modules may include additional tools, by default you can manage the following tools from the toolbox:

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