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Getting Information From a Process Flow   

This chapter of the User Manual will explain how to get information from process flows. All of the methods for getting data that you have used for normal simulation models are still available (such as the Experimenter). However, the Process Flow module has some additional statistics or ways to track and display statistics that are either new or somewhat different from previous versions of FlexSim. This chapter will explain these new statistics and tools.

This chapter contains the following topics:

  • Creating and Using Charts - One of the typical ways to gather and display information from a process flow is to create a chart inside a dashboard to display relevant information. The process flow charts is more feature-rich and has some additional functionality that isn't yet available in other kinds of charts. This topic explains these differences and discusses how to use these charts.
  • Chart Properties - This topic is a reference page that describes the Chart Properties window in more depth. If you still have questions after reading the previous topic, this topic might help.
  • Statistics in Process Flow - This topic is intended to be a reference page for all of the different possible statistics that are available in process flows. If you are unclear about what kind of information is collected by a particular statistic, you can reference it in this topic. It will also provide information about statistical values, different uses for statistics, and commands related to statistics.
  • About the Zone - This topic will introduce you to the basic concepts of the Zone, which is one of the shared asset objects. After reading this section, you should have a basic idea of what a Zone is and when you might need one. Zones represent a fairly abstract concept and so the next two sections provide analogies for understanding. The final section discusses use cases for the Zone asset.
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