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The groups utility lets you create and edit different groups in your model.

Group information is stored both in the /Tools/groups folder and on each of the individual objects. A node is added to the object attributes called groups with a coupling to the associated group. Objects may be included in multiple groups.

- Creates a new empty group.

- Removes the currently selected group.

- reorder the group.

- reloads the list of groups.

Group Dropdown Menu - All groups are listed in this drop down menu. The name of the currently selected group is editable.

Select Group - Selects all the objects in the group (red box).

- Opens a menu allowing you to add currently selected items to the group or set the group to match the current model selection.

- Removes the selected(s) object from the group.

- reorder the members in the group.

- Click to enter "Sample" mode then select an object in the 3D View to add it to the group.

You may also add objects to groups through the right-click menu of the 3D View.

The current list of groups will appear at the top of the menu. Each group name will be checkable, so you can easily add objects to any number of groups

Add to New Group - Creates a new group and add's the object to the group. If multiple objects are selected (red box) this will add those objects to the group as well.

Edit groups... - Opens the groups window.

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