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Users Manual - opens this FlexSim user manual.

Commands - opens the User Manual to the Commands Reference.

Command Helper - opens the Command Helper pane that allows you to reference any FlexSim command. Provides details, parameters, and examples of each command.

Attribute Hints - opens the Attribute Hints window. This list shows all of the FlexSim attributes and their meanings.

Online Content - uses an internal browser to view and download online content through FlexSim including modules, 3D shapes, images, and sample models.

Support Request - opens the FlexSim Support Request page in a web browser, allowing you to submit a support ticket.

License Activation - opens the License Activation window.

About FlexSim... - opens a splash screen giving you information about FlexSim. It displays the license status, the version of FlexSim currently running, graphics card info, and copyright information.

flexsim users manual
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