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Model View (3D) - opens a new perspective view of the model.

Model Tree - opens a tree view that shows the model folder. This shows all of the objects that are in the model. The tree can be manipulated from this view.

Model Control GUI - opens the model's control GUI. This is a window that you can create yourself to do operations that are specific to your model. See Graphical User Interfaces for more information.

Start Page - opens FlexSim's start page, which is seen when you first open the FlexSim software. The start page provides options for creating a new model or opening an existing model, accessing the Getting Started guide and this users manual, adjusting global preferences, and licensing. It also shows the most recently edited FlexSim models, information on the currently installed license and FlexSim version, and some Internet-enabled active content.

Open Default Workspace - closes all of the active windows in FlexSim and then opens any windows saved as the default workspace from the Environment tab of the Global Preferences window.

Modeling Utilities

The following options will open various modeling utilities in one of FlexSim's panes. By default, the Drag-Drop Library and Quick Properties utilities are already open.

Drag-Drop Library - opens the Library utility. In most cases, this Library acts as an object library, with an icon grid of the available objects that can be dragged into the model.

Toolbox - opens the Toolbox utility.

View Settings - opens the View Settings utility.

Quick Properties - opens the Quick Properties utility. This utility provides quick access to object and flowitem properties that previously were only available in a properties window.

Find Objects - opens the Find Objects utility.

Groups - opens the Object Groups utility.

Model Layouts - opens the Model Layouts utility.

Measure/Convert - opens the Measure/Convert utility.

Animations and Components - opens the Animations and Components utility. This is the bottom window of the Animation Creator. Right click on an object and select Edit > Animations to open the Animation Creator.


Current Database Table - This option brings up a window that shows the currently active database table that was opened or queried with the dbopen(), dbchangetable(), dbsqlquery() commands. Refer to the command summary for more information on these commands.

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