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Connecting Conveyors   

When you create a connection between a conveyor and another object, you make it possible for these objects to interact together. The most common way that objects interact in FlexSim is to transfer items from one object to another or send messages to another object.

The process for connecting conveyors is relatively similar to the process you would use to connect any other object from the FlexSim Library. However, there are a few differences to be aware of. The following sections will discuss some of the different methods for connecting conveyor objects.

Connecting Two Conveyors

One of the easiest ways to connect two conveyors together in a simulation model is to simply move two conveyors close enough until they snap together. To snap two conveyors together:

  1. Click on one conveyor and drag it close to the edge of the other conveyor. When the edges of the two conveyors get close enough, they will snap together.
  2. After you release the mouse button, a Transfer will appear that connects the two conveyors together. The Transfer will look like a small square box that overlaps the edges of the two conveyors.

You can customize how the two conveyors transfer objects together by changing the settings for the Transfer. For more information, see Transfer Types.

Using the Join Conveyors Object

If you want to create a Curved Conveyor connecting two conveyors, you can use the Join Conveyors object from the FlexSim Library to connect two conveyors together. To connect conveyors using the Join Conveyors object:

  1. In the FlexSim Library under the Conveyors group, click on the Join Conveyors object. You will then enter into conveyor joining mode. When you are in conveyor joining mode, your mouse pointer will change to a plus sign with a Join Conveyors icon next to it, as shown in the following image:

  1. Once in joining mode, click on the center of the first conveyor you'd like to join. After clicking on the conveyor, you'll notice that a yellow line will follow your mouse as it moves, similar to the line that appears when you are connecting two FlexSim objects.
  2. Click on the second conveyor you'd like to join. You'll then notice a new Curved Conveyor will appear between the two conveyors. Two Transfer Points will also appear on both ends of the new conveyor.

Connecting Conveyors to Other FlexSim Objects

You can connect conveyors to other FlexSim objects such as Fixed Resources the same way you would normally connect objects in FlexSim. To connect objects, you can use Connect Objects on the toolbar or you can use the associated keyboard shortcuts. See Connecting Objects for more information. However, unlike connecting normal FlexSim objects to each other, when you make an input/output connection (an 'A' connect) a conveyor to another FlexSim object, it will create a new an Entry Transfer or Exit Transfer, an in-between object that is associated with a specific point or range on the conveyor. An Exit Transfer is created when you connect a conveyor to another FlexSim object. An Entry Transfer is created when you connect a FlexSim object to a conveyor.

Connecting Motors and Merge Controllers

The Motor and Merge Controller objects will usually only be connected to either a Straight or Curved Conveyor. When connecting the Motor and Merge Controller to a conveyor, you should use an input/output port connection (an 'A' connect). NOTE: This will not act like an input/output port but will merely serve as a reference point between the objects. Use Connect Objects on the toolbar or the associated keyboard shortcuts to create this kind of connection. See Connecting Objects for more information.

You might possibly want to make a port connection between the Motor and Merge Controller objects and a non-conveyor object such as a Task Executer. In that case, you should create a center port connection (an 'S' connect). A center port connection will allow the Motor or Merge Controller to send messages to other non-conveyor objects. Click the Connect Objects arrow to open a submenu and select Connect Center Ports to create a center port connection.

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