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Model Background   

The Model Background can be accessed from the Toolbox. (View menu > Toolbox > Add > Visual > Model Background). or by dragging and dropping a Background object from the Visual section of the library Icon Grid.

Note: Dragging and dropping a background object into a model already containing a background will open the previously created background's properties window.

The Model Background is just a Visual Tool object that displays either and image or a dxf/dwg file as the "floor" of the model.

Select your desired format (AutoCAD Drawing or Image) and browse for your desired file.

DWG Files

DWG files contain multiple layers which may be customized within FlexSim. Once selecting your desired file, click the Next button to view available layers.

You can turn layers on an off by clicking on the button. Next to the eye is a color well where you can define that layer's color.

DXF Files

Select a DXF file just as you would a DWG. However, there is no Layer Visibility and Color page to edit.

Image Files

Image files may be png, jpg or bmp files.

Setting the Position, Size and Rotation

Some files may not import with the correct position, size or rotation. This can easily be fixed through this final page.

DWG and DXF files both have length units associated with the file. When you import these into FlexSim, you want those units to match your model's units. Let's say you are importing a DWG or DXF file that is the layout of your company's factor floor. If your FlexSim model units are set to meters and the DWG or DXF file you were given was set to feet, the image will be scaled too large. This is because FlexSim imports the model as a 1-1 unit ratio. So 1 foot is equal to 1 meter. To scale your DWG or DXF file to the correct size, for this example, you would set the x, y and z scale to 0.3048.

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