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Pack/Join/Batch - Selects the mode that the combiner is operating in.

Recycle To (Join mode only) - In join mode, the objects that come in through ports greater than 1 are destroyed after the combiner is finished processing. Rather than destroying the extra flowitems, you can use this option to recycle them to a specific flowitem recycling bin. To learn more about recycling, refer to the Sink Page.

Convey Items Across combiner Length - If checked, flowitems will travel across the combiner during their process time.

Components list - This table is used to define how many of each type of flowitem the combiner will collect before sending the completed collection downstream. The combiner will use the flowitem that arrives through input port one as the container object and will only accept one of them. Each row in the table represents arrivals from input ports numbered two and above. If you make additional connections while this window is open, you will need to close the Properties window and reopen it in order for your changes to register. To update this list dynamically during a model run, use the Update combiner Component List picklist option in the OnEntry trigger.

TargetQuantity - The required number of flowitems to be received through the associated input port for each operation.

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