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Global Preferences Window   

This table view is accessed from the File menu. The global preferences dialog window specifies default user preferences for FlexSim. These preferences are saved across several models and remembered when FlexSim is closed and reopened. The dialog window is split into seven tabs.


Fonts and Colors

The Fonts and Colors tab specifies syntax highlighting and other settings used in FlexSim's implementation of the Scintilla code editor. You can also specify settings and colors for the template editor, as well as for unformatted text (which is used in multi-line unformatted text controls like the user description portion of the Properties window).

For more information on the Scintilla code editor, go to

The Scintilla text editor is under copyright 1998-2003 by Neil Hodgson <[email protected]>. All Rights Reserved.


In this tab page you can specify various settings such as whether you want code to be C++ or FlexScript by default, various grid settings in the ortho and perspective view, excel DDE settings, etc.

AutoSave will automatically save a backup model of your currently open model. This backup model will be named [modelname]_autosave.fsm and will be saved in the same directory as your model. AutoSave will only save your model if it is reset and not running. It will not save your model if the model is running. You can disable AutoSave for a specific model in the Model Settings window.

Dynamic Content

In this tab page you can specify various settings that send or pull content from the FlexSim server in order to give you a more dynamic experience or to help FlexSim better understand how to improve the software.


This tab page lets you control libraries that are loaded and displayed in the Drag-Drop Library. The paths specified in the User libraries to Open on Startup are relative to your libraries folder of the install directory (ie C:/Program Files/FlexSim/libraries). Enabled libraries allow you to specify which libraries are visible and which order they appear in. Once a User Library is loaded, it will be displayed in this list.

Customize Toolbar

In this tab page you can customize which menu commands are accessible easily through the customizable section of the top toolbar.


This tab is used for customizing graphics settings so that FlexSim will run the best on your hardware.

Note: If drag-dropping objects, making connections, or navigating the 3D view is not working properly, your graphics card may not be compatible with FlexSim. You should first try updating your graphics card driver from your computer's manufacturer. If that does not help, try updating the driver from the graphics card vendor (typically Nvidia or AMD). As a last resort if updated drivers do not resolve your issues, check the Compatibility Mode box to use your CPU for graphics processing.


This tab is used for configuring Visual Studio to compile or debug C++ code.

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