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Decision Points   

A Decision Point is a versatile object you can use to build logic into your conveyor system. Decision Points can also be linked to a Merge Controller to notify it when a released slug has cleared designated points in the system.

For ideas about how to use Decision Points to create complex sortation systems or merges, see Flow Control.

Additionally, you can skim through the chapter on Pick List Behaviors for more information about some of the Decision Point's capabilities.

The majority of the settings for a Decision Point are found in the Decision Point's Type settings. For more information, see:


Decision Points track the following statistics. These can be viewed by clicking on a object and then going to the Statistics pane in Quick Properties.

  • Content The number of items that have arrived but not yet continued through the decision point. This will always be 0 or 1.
  • Input The total number of items that have arrived at the decision point.
  • Output The total number of items that have continued through the decision point.
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