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Define what type of tasksequences this object will accept during a "break" task in its active tasksequence. A standard tasksequence is made up of a travel - load - break - travel - unload sequence of tasks. This field will only be evaluated when the TaskExecuter performs a "break" task.

When the TaskExecuter receives a "Break" task, this is a notification that it may now put the currently active task sequence back in its queue and see if there are any other task sequences that it might want to do before it finishes the current one. This allows for capabilities such as loading several items before dropping them off. In such a case, the TaskExecuter will first make a check to make sure it is currently capable of "multitasking." This is done by asking "is my content less than my capacity?" If the check is true, then it will execute this code to find a tasksequence to break to. If this code returns NULL, then it will not break at all. If a valid tasksequence numeric pointer is returned, then it will break to the new tasksequence and begin executing it. When finished with new tasks, it will return to the original tasksequence.

Access variables:

tasksequence: a reference to the tasksequence that I'm checking

current: the current object

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