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Dashboard Colors Page   

The colors page allows you to define colors for your graph. The options available are based upon the graph. For State charts, each State has a color. Notice in the above image there are two colors displayed. The color on the left is the normal color for that state. The color on the right is the translucent color used when Show Yellow Checked States as Translucent is checked from the Utilization Analysis page. For statistic graphs (Avg. Content, etc), the colors are for each statistic. Line charts define colors for each object or group. Gantt Charts either display colors for States or for objects.

Colors are not available for Text graphs.

Define Colors - Check to define a custom set of colors.

- Loads saved color schemes and allows you to edit color schemes in the tree.

- Saves the current color scheme.

- Displays a color palette.

- Allows you to sample a color in FlexSim or outside of FlexSim.

Item Trace Gantt and Custom Chart

The Item Trace Gantt Chart and the Custom Chart dynamically add Legends or Series to their charts so a and are available to add and remove colors.

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