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The itemtofluid is an object that is used to interface between the fluid objects and the discrete objects. It receives flowitems and converts them to fluid material.


The itemtofluid is a Fixed Resource object that is designed to interface between the discrete objects and the fluid objects. When it receives a flowitem, it destroys the flowitem and creates fluid that can be sent to any of the other fluid objects. The amount of fluid created is based on two values that the modeller specifies. The first is the amount of fluid that each discrete unit creates. The second is the number of discrete units each flowitem represents. Generally this value will be 1, but often the modeller will use a flowitem to represent multiple physical objects. In that case, the number should be set to the number of objects represented by each flowitem. The total number of fluid units that are created for each flowitem that enters is found by multiplying these two values together. For example, a single flowitem may represent 10 bags that each contain 25 pounds of a fluid material. The discrete units per flowitem in this case is 10, and the fluid units per discrete unit is 25. Each time one of these flowitems enters the itemtofluid, 250 pounds of fluid are created.

The itemtofluid has a maximum capacity that the modeller defines. The object will not accept any flowitems if there is not at least enough empty space in it to hold all of the material that flowitem will create. The modeller can also define the ProductID, and sub-component mix of the fluid that is created and sent out.

The flowitems entering can be controlled using standard FixedResource pull logic. The output of fluid is completely controlled by the modeller. They can edit the maximum object rate, maximum port rate and the port scale factors using the GUI and the AdjustOutputRates function.


Empty - The itemtofluid has no material in it.

Not Empty - The itemtofluid has fluid material in it that has not been pulled out yet.

Full - The itemtofluid's maximum capacity has been reached.

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