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Working With Graphs

Editing - Double-click the graph to open its properties window. The type of properties window that opens will depend on the type of graph that is being selected. For more information, see the Graph Properties.

Moving - Click the graph, then drag it by its black edges.

Resizing - Click the graph, then drag any of the black edge sizers.

Auto-resizing - Dragging a graph sizer to the edge of the dashboard window will cause that side to be "locked" to the edge. Locking to the right or bottom edge of the window will cause the graph to resize when the dashboard window is resized.

Context Menu - Right-click the graph to open its context menu.

  • Properties - Opens the graph settings window.
  • Delete - Deletes the graph from the Dashboard.
  • Send to Back - Sends the selected graph to the back.
  • Bring to Front - Brings the selected graph to the front.
  • Export to CSV - Allows you to save the graph's current data set as a .csv file.
  • Export to HTML - Allows you to save an self contained HTML file of the graph's current data.
  • Export to PNG - Allows you to save a .png image file of the graph's current display.

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