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The asrsvehicle is a special type of transport specifically designed to work with racks. The asrsvehicle will slide back and forth in an aisle between two racks picking up and dropping off flowitems. The reach, lift, and travel motions are fully animated by the asrsvehicle. The lift and travel motions will occur simultaneously, but the reach will only occur after the vehicle has come to a complete stop.


The asrsvehicle is a subclass of the TaskExecuter. It implements offset travel by only travelling along its own x-axis. It travels until it is perpendicular with the destination location, lifting its platform as well. If the offset travel is for a load or unload task, then once the offsetting is finished, it will use the user-specified load/unload time to convey the flowitem onto its platform, or off of its platform to the destination location.

The asrsvehicle does not connect itself to a navigator by default. This means that travel tasks will not be performed. Instead, all traveling is done using offset travel.

Note on conveying a flowitem onto an asrsvehicle: For a load task, the conveying of the item onto the platform may not work if the flowitem is in an object that continuously refreshes the location of the flowitem, like a conveyor for example. In this case, if you want the conveying of the item onto the platform to show up, then make sure that the asrsvehicle is ranked after the object it is picking up from in the model tree (the asrsvehicle must be lower down in the tree).

In addition to the standard TaskExecuter fields, the asrsvehicle has a modeler-defined lift speed and initial lift position for the its platform. The platform will return to this position whenever the asrsvehicle is idle or is not doing offset travel.


Since the main distinction of an asrsvehicle is that it only moves along its x and z axes and doesn't rotate, this object can be used for any purpose in which you don't want the object to turn, but rather just go forward and backward and up and down. In some models it has been used as a simple transfer car, or as a transfer conveyor between two or more conveyors.


This object follows TaskExecuter states.

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