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AGV Lesson 3 Step-By-Step Model Construction   

Start with the finished model from Lesson1.

add Drop-off Spurs

  1. Using the Straight Path tool from the Library, create two straight spur paths near the Sink object.
    Create Two Straight Spurs
  2. Using the Join Paths tool, make a click-drag connection from the horizontal path that goes past the Sink to each of the spur paths.
    Join Spur 1

    Join Spur 2
  3. Shift-Select all four spur paths (2 straight and 2 curved).
  4. Click on one of the straight spur paths, and in the Quick Properties Straight Path panel on the right, check the "Two Way" box. Then press the "Apply To All Selected" popup button.
    Check Two Way
    This will make the spur paths two-way, so that AGVs can both enter and exit the spurs. You can see that the paths are two way by their arrow indicators. They look kind of like a diamond shape, with the ends pointing in opposite directions.
    Two-Way Spurs
  5. add a Control Point at the center of each spur.
    Spurs with Control Points
  6. Shift-Select the two new Control Points. It's OK if you also select the Paths.
  7. A-Connect from the Control Point on the main loop to one of the spur Control Points, and choose DropoffPoints from the drop-down.
    Connect Drop-off Points
  8. Shift-Click in a blank area to deselect the Control Points.
    Drop-off Point Connections

Name the Main Loop Control Points

First, since we're going to be referencing the Control Points on the main loop, we should name them properly. Name the four Control Points on the main loop North, South, East and West respectively.

For each Control Point on the main loop:

  1. Click on the Control Point
  2. In Quick Properties on the right, change the name to one of "North", "South", "East" or "West", corresponding to its location on the loop.
    North South East West

Create a DispatchToDropoff  Way Point

  1. Right-click on a Path or Control Point in the model and choose AGV Network Properties
  2. Select the Way Points tab
  3. add a Way Point and name it DispatchToDropoff.
  4. Verify the following parameters:
    • Trigger Point = On Pre-Arrival
    • Trigger Requirement = Loaded at Destination
  5. Beside the Way Point Logic field, press the add button and choose Redirect via Search.
    A popup should appear as follows:
    Redirect Via Search Popup
  6. Leave all parameters as they are. These will be discussed later.
  7. Close the popup by clicking off of it.
  8. Under Way Point Members, click the add button. Choose add Using Universal Selector.
  9. Type "North".
  10. Click on the object named North in the list.
    Choose North CP
  11. Press Select.
  12. Press OK to close the AGV Network Properties window.

Run the Model

Now run the model. The AGVs will now be dispatched to an available spur to drop off the items.

Way Point Redirect via Search Action

To see details of the Redirect via Search action, refer to the Way Points reference.


You're finished with this model.

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