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The NetworkNode page of the TrafficControl object lets you edit a TrafficControl's connections to network nodes. The panel on the left shows all networknodes that are connected to the TrafficControl. Select one of these nodes, and the panel on the right will refresh to a new list of traffic controls. The panel on the right shows all traffic controls that are connected to the NetworkNode you have selected on the left. The traffic control you are editing will have an extra " -- This TrafficControl" text, letting you know how this traffic control is situated among other traffic controls. The ranking of traffic controls in the right panel can have a significant effect on the behavior of the network. For more information on traffic control ranking, refer to the section on the TrafficControl. To move a traffic control up in its rank, press the Move Up button. To move a traffic control down rank, press the Move Down button. To delete a NetworkNode's connection to a TrafficControl, press the Delete button.

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