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Shape Factors   

Each media file that is imported has certain scaling and offset settings which may cause the 3D shape that you import to not fit within the object's boundaries. If this is case, you can edit the object's 3D shape factors to fit the 3D shape within the object's yellow bounding box.

The image above shows modified shape factors for a Processor's 3D shape. Notice that the yellow bounding box reflects the true position and size of the processor, but the 3D shape has been offset in the x direction.

Shape factors may be accessed through an object's General tab page.

: Change the position of the 3D shape within the bounding box.

: Change the rotation of the 3D shape within the bounding box.

: Change the size of the 3D shape within the bounding box.

Clear All / Reset All - When a shape frame is added to an object, it is given shape factors so that the shape will display inside the yellow box of the object. Clearing the shape factors from a shape frame will cause the shape frame to draw without regards to the object's yellow box, or the actual size of the 3D shape. Resetting the shape factors will reapply the originally calculated shape factors. By selecting the object's base frame, you can clear or reset all shape frame's shape factors. Or you can select an individual shape frame and clear/reset the shape factors for just that frame.

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