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Labels Tutorial Introduction   

This tutorial will introduce you to using Labels in your model. Labels can be used to store information in your objects and items that can be accessed at anytime. As a couple of examples, labels can be useful to specify the downstream flow of your items, or they can be used to store financial data about an object.

What You Will Learn

  • How to create and access labels
  • How you can use labels to change the way your model functions

New Features

  • You will be introduced to Pull Requirements
  • You will be introduced to the FlowItem Bin

Approximate Time to Complete this Lesson

This lesson should take about 20- 30 minutes to complete.

Model Overview

In this model we will create a simple model that creates items with three different itemtypes. We will then track how many items we create of each itemtype and then upon processing the item, we will modify the size of our items.

Click here for the Step-By-Step Tutorial.

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