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The fluidgenerator provides an infinite supply of fluid material for a model. The Generator can be set to refill at a fixed rate (that can be faster or slower than the outgoing rate) or it can refill itself a set amount of time after it becomes empty.


The fluidgenerator is used to create fluid material for a model. The modeller defines the capacity of the Generator, as well as the amount of material in it when the model is reset. They can also define the ProductID and sub-component mix for the initial product.

The Generator creates material in two ways. The first is at a constant rate that the modeller defines. This rate can be faster or slower than the output rate of the object. If it is faster, then the Generator will always be full. If it is slower, then the Generator will eventually become empty. Even if the Generator becomes empty, it will make more material during the next tick, but the downstream objects may not be able to receive it at the full rate.

The second way to create material is to fill the Generator to its maximum amount instantly, but only after a certain amount of time has elapsed since the Generator became empty. The modeller can define how long this wait time is. This is used to simulate situations where material is available on a regular basis, but is not available all of the time. For example, trucks full of raw materials that arrive once a day could be simulated with this technique.

The modeller is given control over all of the rate variables that affect the Generator's output rate, as well as a function called "AdjustOutputRates". This function fires every tick and allows the modeller to change the output rates during a model run. The modeller is not given control over the variables controlling the input rate, as no material ever comes into a Generator.


Empty - The Generator has no material in it.

Not Empty - The Generator has some material in it.

Full - The Generator's maximum capacity has been reached.

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