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Tick Time - This is length of time in each tick. At the end of a tick, the Ticker calculates how much fluid moved between the fluid objects in the model.

Optimize object list resorting - The Ticker keeps an internal list of the order that the Fluid Objects should be evaluated. if this box is not checked, the order in which certain objects are evaluated may be different in different runs of the model. This can cause a model to give different results, even if nothing in the model has actually changed. Typically, this box should be checked.

Product Components - This is the number of sub-components available to all of the fluid objects in the model. All of the objects use the same list of sub-components, although they do not have to specify a value greater than 0 for all of the components.

Update - Pressing this button updates the list of component names so that there are the number that the modeler specified.

Component Names - This table lists the names of the sub-components that are available to all of the fluid objects in the model.

Controlled Fluid Objects - This table lists the names of the fluid objects that are controlled by this Ticker.

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