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Pipe Layout Page   

Editor View - Displays the Pipe Layout editor view as shown above.

Table View - Displays the Pipe Layout table view as shown below.

Initial Z Rotation - This is the rotation around the Z axis that is applied to the starting point of the Pipe. This is used to orient the Pipe in a particular direction before sections are drawn.

Conveyor View - If this box is checked, the Pipe will be drawn as a simple conveyor. This does not change the functionality of the pipe. See the Fluid Conveyor object for conveyor functionality.

Pipe Section Editor

- Adds a new sensor to the table.

- Removes the selected sensor from the table, or if no sensor is selected, removes the last sensor in the table.

- Moves the selected sensor up in the list.

- Moves the selected sensor down in the list.

Section Name - The name of the pipe section. This is purely for the modeler's convenience and has no affect on the model.

Length - The length of the section

Diameter - The diameter of this section of the Pipe. If the Pipe is being shown as a conveyor, this is the width of the end of the section. The actual section will become wider or more narrow depending on the diameter value of the previous section.

Z Rotation - The rotation around the Z Axis that is applied at the end of the section.

Y Rotation - The rotation around the Y Axis that is applied at the end of the section.

Show Joint - Specifies whether the pipe's joint will be drawn between the end of this section and the start of the next one. This value is ignored if the Pipe is being drawn as a Conveyor.

Join Diameter - Specifies the diameter of the joint.

Joint Length - Specifies the length of the joint.

Auto Size Joint - Automatically adjusts the joint size based on the diameter and rotation of the pipe sections.

Pipe Section Edit Table

Add - Adds a new pipe section by copying the selected section.

Remove - Removes the selected pipe section.

Add Table to MTEI - This buttons adds the table as a row in the Multiple Table Excel Import.

Section Table - Each row in the table represents a single section of the Pipe. The columns are described above.

Note: The zmove and ymove columns should not be changed. They are used by FlexSim.

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