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MultiProcessor Page   

- Click this button to add a new process to the process list below.

- Click this button to delete a process from the process list below.

- Click this button to move the selected process up in the process list below.

- Click this button to move the selected process down in the process list below.

The process list contains each of the processes for this multiprocessor. To edit a process, highlight it in the list and change its name and other details to the right.

Process Details

For each process there will be a process tab or page to define the process. Process tabs will have the following information to define the process:

Process Name - The process name field allows the modeler to define the name of each process. This name will be used in the state reporting of the multiprocessor.

Process Time - This picklist determines how long a processor spends processing a single flowitem. See also Cycle Time picklist.

Number of Operators - This number determines how many operators the object will use during its process time.

Pick operator - This picklist returns a reference to the operator or dispatcher that the object is using during the given process. See also Pick Operator picklist.

Priority - This value sets the priority of the task sequence that will be sent to the operator. Operators generally sort task sequences so that sequences with higher priorities will be performed first. Task sequences with the same priority will be performed in the order that they were received.

Preemption - Sets the preempt value for calling operators. See the Task Sequence Preempting page for more information on preemption.

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