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Video Recorder Example   

Recording a simple video

The Video Recorder is designed to make recording simple videos of your model as easy as possible. For example:

  1. Open the Video Recorder window (add an Video Recorder object to your model) by going to the Toolbox > Visual > Video Recorder.
  2. Specify your output file path by clicking the browse button.
  3. Click the sampler button next to View and click on your model.
  4. Your video is now ready to record. If desired, set the size, FPS, codec, start and end times, speed, and fly path options to fit your needs.
  5. Press the Record button.
  6. Your model will reset and run, and you will see a popup in the top left corner displaying recording progress.
  7. When finished, the popup will disappear and your video file will appear at your specified path.

A more complex video

In this example we will utilize Shared Sequences and some of the advanced layer options.

  1. Open the Video Recorder window and specify the output file path as above.
  2. Click the Shared Sequences tab.
  3. There should be one Sequence available to edit. Set the End field to 30 and the Speed to 2.
  4. The background of this video will be a solid color. Change the Type to Color and pick a dark blue.
  5. Add another layer by clicking the button above the Layers list.
  6. Make sure the Type of the new layer is View. Set the View to your model view by using the sampler button as above.
  7. Change the mode in Size to Custom, and set the length and width to be 20 pixels less than your output length and width.
  8. From the picklist in the X field, choose Slide In/Out. Change the first popup field to be 10, and have it slide in for 10 seconds. This will make it so that the model view will start off the screen, slide in for 10 seconds, and stop when the left edge of the model view is 10 pixels from the left edge of the video.
  9. Set the Y field to be 10.
  10. Switch back to the Output tab. Change the mode from Use Basic Sequence to Use Shared Sequences.
  11. Using the button, select your sequence from the drop down list.
  12. Press the Record button.

The recorded video should display the model view sliding in from the left, stopping centered in the blue background.

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