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FlexSim Concepts Overview   

This topic describes, in detail, concepts that are essential to understanding how to build models in FlexSim. You should have gone through the getting started and tutorial models provided within this user manual before reading this topic. In this topic we will not build any specific models. This allows us to focus exclusively on the concepts being discussed, instead of spending time on model building steps. We will, however, cite an example model where the concepts can be applied, and please feel free to build your own model as you go along in this topic. If you have gone through the tutorials, you should have the skills needed to build the model examples cited. If you do decide to build your model, however, I would advise that you read through this whole topic once, then go back and build the model as you go, because there are some things at the end of the topic that you'll want to understand before building the model.

Introducing... FlexScript

Don't let the name fool you – FlexScript is a powerful yet easy-to-learn scripting language that will help breathe life into even the most complex simulation model. Unique to FlexSim's line of software solutions, FlexScript provides a straightforward approach to allow users to quickly customize triggers and parameters within simulation projects.

Throughout the Concepts sections we will often include snippets of code that help clarify the concept being discussed. The logic that the example code implements can be done in other ways by using the drop-down pick options, but we want to help you become more familiar with FlexScript and will therefore use straight FlexScript code examples. If you are still unfamiliar with FlexScript, then you can skip those example snippets and move on, but we try to give a concise description of what the code samples do, so you will hopefully be able to understand what's going on even if you are new to FlexScript.

For more information on writing FlexScript code refer to the topic on writing logic in FlexSim.

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