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Pick Lists   

You will find pick list windows throughout FlexSim. These windows give you an easy interface for implementing functionality in FlexSim. Behind the scenes, each of these windows refers to a piece of code. The advantage about these pick list interfaces is that they allow you to write behavior without writing code. You just pick a behavior from a list. You can also select the text and enter an expression manually.


Each pick list option has an associated popup. Popups allow you to easily edit the option parameters. You can edit these options at any time by clicking the button. Once you have entered the values you want in the popup, click anywhere outside the popup to close it.

Code Edit

Experienced modelers also have the ability to write the code explicitly when needed. By clicking on the code edit button , you can bring up the code edit window, in which you can see all of the code that implements this field. Note that much of the code you will see is actually used to format the code template window. You can decipher the real code from the code template formatting code by the color. Code template formatting code is commented out in gray (see the Template Code page).

To learn more about the Code Editor, see the Code Editor page.

For more information on how to write code in FlexSim, refer to writing logic in FlexSim.

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