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Simulation Model Units   

FlexSim allows the user to select appropriate units for a model. By default the Model Units window will appear for each new model.

You can select Time Units, Length Units, Fluid Units and a Model Start Time. The units you choose will be used throughout the model. The Model Start Time may be changed after the model is created, however, the Time, Length and Fluid Units CANNOT be changed.

You can also define what you want a new model's default model units to be through Global Preferences

Entering Unit-Based Values

There are many fields in FlexSim that require unit-based values. In some cases the user interface will allow you to define what units the value you enter represents. However, if the field does not include units, you should enter the value in simulation model units. For example, if you've defined your model units in meters and seconds and a field requires a speed, if the user interface doesn't let you enter units, you should define the field's value in meters per second.

Use Simulation Model Units
If the user interface does not allow you to enter units explicitly, values should be entered in simulation model units, i.e. the units you defined when you created the model.

The user interface will often provide a hover tip that tells you what units you need to use, as shown in the following image.

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