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List Entry Viewer   

The Entry Viewer shows you a live list of the entries currently on a list. To open this window, go to the General tab of a list's properties, and press View Entries...


The table's first column shows the value for each entry, and additional columns show the field value for each defined field in the list.

Advanced Tools

Press the Advanced Button button to show advanced tools.

Advanced tools allow you to test out pull queries before implementing them in the simulation logic. The connectionless routing example gives an example of how you might use these tools.

  • Query This field allows you to test out various queries on the list. Enter the query you want to use and press Enter to update the list view. Use the Drop-Down button on the right for help in forming the query. The table view will update based on the query you define, filtering and prioritizing the entries as dictated by the query.
  • Puller Use this field to define who the puller is. Some of the fields in the view will show Puller Required, meaning that the value for that field is dependent on who is pulling from the list. Press the Drop-Down button on the right, then click on an object in the model to define the puller. Puller-dependent fields in the list will update to be based on the puller you define.
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