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Robot Moving Flowitems   

Getting the Robot to move Flowitems

The Robot object is used in your model in the same way that the Operator object is used.

  1. Create a model: Source > Conveyor > Processor > Sink connected using the ‘A’ key.
  2. Open the Conveyor's Properties window. Under the Flow tab check the Use Transport checkbox.
  3. Position a Robot between the Conveyor and Processor objects as shown using Grid Snap.
  4. Make an ‘S’ connection between the Conveyor and the Robot.
  5. Press Reset. Your model should look like the following screenshot.
  6. Press Run!

The Robot responds to task sequences created by fixed resources much like the Crane object, more specifically the Robot responds to FRLOAD, FRUNLOAD, TRAVELTOLOC and TRAVELRELATIVE task types. The Robot has 4 modes of operation, each mode changes the way the Robot responds to a task and more importantly how long it takes to perform the task.

  1. Define Move Time - This is the default option. Here you define a move time explicitly with code.
  2. Use Simple Motion Method - This option allows you to provide a few basic speed inputs that determine the move time.
  3. Define Motion Paths - The most flexible option, explained below.
  4. Use Joint Speeds - Here you define a speed for each of the Robot's joints.

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