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Library Icon Grid   

The library icon grid lets you drag objects into your model from one of FlexSim's standard libraries, or from custom-made libraries. If the grid is not already visible, you can access it through the View menu > Drag-Drop Library.

The objects are sorted into groups that can be expanded or collapsed by pressing the plus or minus buttons next to the group of objects. FlexSim's standard groups are Fixed Resources, Task Executers, Travel Networks, Visual, and Fluid. If you have loaded additional libraries, these libraries will be displayed at the top of the list in their own groups.

Creating Objects

There are two methods for creating objects from the Library:

  • Click and hold on the object you would like to add to your model, drag it over a 3D view and release the mouse button at the location you would like to drop the object into the model.
  • Click and release on an object in the Library to enter Create Mode. Then click anywhere in the 3D view to create new objects. To exit create mode, right click or press the Escape key.


The Library Icon Grid can be filtered by name by entering text in the field.

filtering works for all Context Sensitive displays.

Context Sensitive

The Library Icon Grid is context sensitive. It will changed based on what the modeler is currently working on. It will display 3D shapes when in the FlowItem Bin and Animation Creator, code builder blocks while in the Code Editor and dashboard widgets while editing Dashboards.

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