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Adjust Input Rates - This function is called every tick and allows the user to change the input rates and scale factors during a model run. There are access variables that are references to the nodes that hold the rates and scale factors. To read the current rate (object or port) the getnodenum() command should be used. To change the rate the setnodenum() should be used. To read or change the scale factors getnodenum() and setnodenum() should be used in conjunction with the rank() command.

Input Ports

These properties affect how the object receives material from upstream objects.

Maximum Object Rate - The maximum rate that material will enter this object through all output ports combined.

Maximum Port Rate - The maximum rate that material will enter this object through any one port.

Input port scale factor - Each row of the table is the scale factor for a single input port. The value is multiplied by the maximum port rate to determine the actual maximum rate for that specific port. This allows the modeler to change the rate of individual input ports during a model run.

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