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This page allows you to configure the layout of bays and levels on the rack. If you want a simple grid of bays and levels, then you can specify these settings from the Basic panel at the top. If you want to specified different sizes for different bays and levels of the rack, then you can use the Advanced panel at the bottom to configure each bay individually.

Basic Panel

Use the basic panel if your rack is just a simple grid of uniform cells. You can also use it to set basic settings for the rack before going in and editing individual bays in the advanced panel. Once you have specified the basic dimensions for the rack, click the Apply Basic Settings button, and these settings will be applied to the rack.

Number of Bays - This value is for the number of bays (columns) for the rack.

Width of Bays - This value defines the default width of each bay.

Number of Levels - This value is for the number of levels in the rack.

Height of Levels - This value is for the default height of each level. This value can be edited for each level and bay using the advanced edit.

Advanced Panel

Use this panel to configure individual bays and levels on the Rack. On the left side of this panel is a list of all the bays in the rack. Select a bay and configure it by using the options and buttons on the right side of the panel. Changes should immediately be shown on the Rack in the orthographic/perspective view. If they do not show up immediately, hit the Apply button, and they should appear.

- This button duplicates the currently selected bay and adds it to the end of the rack.

- This button deletes the currently selected bay in the rack.

Bay Width - This field specifies the width of the currently selected bay.

Level Location - This field specifies the initial z location of the first level of the selected bay.

Level Heights Table - Here you can specify the height of each level in the currently selected bay.

- This button adds a level to the end of the currently selected bay.

- This button deletes a level from the end of the currently selected bay.

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