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Lesson 2 Tutorial Introduction   

Lesson 2 introduces the concept of adding operators and transporters to a model, and explores object properties in greater detail. Lesson 2 also introduces additional graphical statistical output options. Make sure you have completed lesson 1 before starting lesson 2 as lesson 2 will use the model from lesson 1 as a starting point.

What You Will Learn

  • How to access and modify object properties
  • How to add a team of operators to the model
  • How to add a fork truck transporter to the model
  • How to view object statistics while the model is running

New Objects

In this lesson you will be introduced to the Dispatcher, Operator, and Transporter objects.

Approximate Time to Complete this Lesson

This lesson should take about 30-45 minutes to complete.

Model 2 Overview

In model 2 we will use a team of operators to perform the setup for the processing of the flowitems in the model. One of two operators will need to set up the processor. Once set up, the process can run without the need for the operator to be present. The operators must also carry the flowitem to the processor before the setup can begin. When the process is complete, the flowitem moves to the conveyor without the assistance of the operator.

When the flowitem reaches the end of the conveyor it will be placed in a queue where it will be picked up by a fork truck and taken to the sink. We may find it necessary to have more than one fork truck once we view the model as it runs. After the model is completed, view the default charts and graphs and address any bottlenecks or efficiency concerns. Below is a flow diagram of model 2.

Model 2 Data

Tester set-up time: Constant time of 10 seconds

Product handling: Operator from queue to tester. Fork truck from conveyor queue to sink.

Queue Capacity: 10

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