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Introduction to Conveyor System Tool   

The Conveyor System tool allows you to edit the properties of all the different conveyor objects in a single, easy-to-use interface. Using the Conveyor System tool, you can create global settings for various conveyor objects and then quickly import those settings to other conveyor objects. The following image shows an example of a Conveyor System Toolbox:

In the FlexSim User Interface, each group of global settings for a particular object is referred to as a Type. You could possibly think of each Type as a class of objects that will inherit the same custom settings. You can create an unlimited number of Types for each conveyor object, each with its own custom settings. You can also give each Type a unique, custom name.

For example, imagine that you wanted to create several conveyors that will all have a speed of 100.0 feet per minute. Using the Conveyor System Tool, you could create a Type of conveyor with a speed of 100.0 feet per minute and assign the title "Speedy Conveyor" to this new conveyor Type. Then, when you add other conveyors to the model, you could assign the Speedy Conveyor Type to the conveyors and they would all immediately have a speed of 100.0 feet per minute.

You can use the Conveyor System tool to create Types for:

  • Conveyors
  • Transfers (including transfers between conveyors and transfers between other FlexSim objects)
  • Decision Points
  • Photo Eyes

Within the Conveyor System toolbox, you can open the Type Properties dialog box which will allow you to create or edit the global settings for each Type. The Type Properties dialog box will look different for each kind of conveyor object because eachobject has different kinds of settings and behaviors. So, the Type Properties box for a Straight Conveyor will be different than the Type Properties box for a Photo Eye, etc. For more information about the Type Properties dialog box and different settings for each object, see:

Local Settings vs. Global Type Settings

All conveyor objects can have either local settings or global Type settings. That means that you can have settings that are unique to that particular object (local) or you can create a global Type for that kind of object that will allow you to import those settings to other objects of that kind.

When you add either a Straight or Curved Conveyor to a simulation model, FlexSim automatically creates two new global Types in the Conveyor System: a Conveyor Type labeled ConveyorType1 and a Transfer Type labeled TransferType1. Both of these Types are global and will inherit the default settings until you change the settings for these Types. See Managing Conveyor System Types for more information.

All other Types (Decision Point Types, Photo Eye Types, Entry Transfer Types, or Exit Transfer Types) will be local unless you specify otherwise. They will be labeled Custom in the Type menu. See Adding and Renaming New Conveyor System Types for more information.

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