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Importing 3D Media   

FlexSim can import several types of 3D media. These include:

  • .wrl, .3ds, .dxf, .stl, .skp, .dae, .obj, .ac, .x, .fbx, .ase, .ply, .ms3d, .cob, .md5mesh, .irr, .irrmesh, .ter, .lxo, .csm, .scn, .q3o, .q3s, .raw, .off, .mdl, .hmp, .scn, .xgl, .zgl, .lvo, .lvs, .blend

Note on importing wrl files: FlexSim will only import VRML version 1.0 shapes, not version 2.0.

Note on importing stl files: FlexSim will only import stl ascii files, not stl binary files.

You can import media using two methods:

  1. The most common method is to import media by selecting a 3D file from an object's General Properties of the Quick Properties window.
  2. Through the object's General tab page.

The following will help to ensure media is imported correctly:

flexsim users manual
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