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When to compile   

In general, FlexSim will notify you when you need to compile. If you have set your global preferences to use flexscript code by default, then you should never have to compile unless you open a model that was built using C++.

If you set your preferences to use C++ by default, the following actions will require a compile before running:

  • Opening a project or session from the File menu.
  • Opening a model that contains any C++ code.
  • Creating a new object in the model. This can be done by dragging a new object from the library icon grid into an 3D view. This also can be done by duplicating the selected objects in the model, or creating an object from a user library.
  • Adding tools through the Tools menu.
  • Editing any pick lists.
  • Copying variables from a highlighted object to any set of objects.
  • Editing C++ code directly.

Whenever you perform one of the following operations, you may need to reset the model, but you should NOT need to compile the model.

  • Editing a regular edit field like the name of an object, or the max content variable of a queue.
  • Making connections between objects.
  • Editing tables, lists, conveyor sections, etc.

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